Taste of Summer

Taste of Summer

When we started the Pastry House in 2019, we had one aim in mind—to bake impeccable quality desserts and cakes that spark joy! Our quest to do this takes us around the world in search of flavours and quality ingredients that we combine with Middle Eastern flavours for a lasting impression. We also focus on making sure that our cakes are as visually appealing as they are delicious!


Summer Inspiration


Light, airy and delicious were the words that come to mind when we think of summer indulgences. This led us to experiment with seasonal fruits and the beauty of art to create a menu bursting with fresh fruity flavours, bright pops of colour accentuating the desserts in our signature artistic flair, ice creams and lots of Swiss rolls!


The Menu

Thinking of dessert for a pool party? We’d say go with the mango Swiss roll and the strawberry Swiss roll—fresh fruit and a creamy filling enveloped in a delicate sponge- bliss! Our chefs have also gone the extra mile by hand painting the rolls and packaging them in individual acrylic boxes. Bringing back childhood favourites, our new ice creams are a modern take on classics like everyone’s favourite chocolate chunk, the refreshing strawberry rose and the unique saffron pistachio. PS: The ice creams all come with toppings on the side!


Summer Fun


For us, an ideal summer birthday party would be a Flamingo Pool party. Perfect bright colours along with our iced lattes and mojitos to cool down, with a themed cake, cupcakes, cookies and donuts to complete the dessert table. For activities, our cookie kits come in a variety of themes perfect for kids to decorate and set their imagination wild—have you seen the new Dinosaur DIY cookie kit yet? tres adorable!

-Abeer and Reem Baggash (Owners of Pastry House Cafe)

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