Celebrating motherhood

Celebrating motherhood

As a mother of two, I know how quickly time flies and the importance of capturing the precious moments—this was one of the reasons for me to take up photography as well.


Maternity Shoots

The most beautiful phase of a woman’s life is perhaps her pregnancy and the journey to motherhood—you will always want memories of it. The best time to book a maternity shoot is the seventh month—the bump is visible, and you still have the energy to pose and move around.  While we have a lot of maternity clothes to choose from, one of the most iconic is the flying dress specially shot against the Dubai skyline with the dress billowing out behind you—it’s absolutely magical! Pick your colour and I promise that its super comfortable!  For shoots that take place later in the pregnancy, I opt for more sitting poses and set up my portable studio at home, cause mamma needs to be comfortable.


Baby Shoots

The first few days of the newborn’s life are the perfect time to capture some amazing memories. My fav time to shoot is within the first ten days, of course with all the precautions in place.

I bring the studio, props, clothes, and everything that may be needed home leaving only one task for the new mom—to relax and get her hair and make-up done! My favourite baby theme shoot so far as to be the seven-day old baby we dressed as Harry Potter!


-Aiouna Ayad (Photographer)



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