Vendor of the Month – Rise Bakehouse

Rise Bakehouse Dubai

We’ve got one fresh (pun intended) vendor on our website- Rise Bakehouse!

Homegrown in Dubai, Rise Bakehouse is a specialty bakehouse offering bespoke and unique buttercream cakes and cookies, as well as a one-of-a-kind venue offering private workshops for birthdays, corporate team-building events and other celebrations.

Choose from their extensive tiered-package workshop options that focus on the basics of cakes as well as cake decorating; or customize the workshop according to your preferences (within Rise Bakehouse’s design offerings and guidelines). Each lesson is held in the main kitchen and includes light bites and beverages served in the dining area. They also rent out the space to third party vendors and makes for an exciting and dynamic alternative event space.

Their menu for custom cakes ranges from traditional vanilla cake to Feuilletine Chocolate Crunch Cake. You can create your own unique cake by following their three step process from their order enquiry catalogue – cake flavour, design finishing and topper.

The Story behind Rise Bakehouse


The name behind Rise Bakehouse, Farah Sheik Al Sagha is originally Syrian/Palestinian. She is the owner and Managing Partner of Rise Bakehouse.

Farah quit her job in 2016, and started to slowly make cakes for friends and family from home. Once that started to get a little more traction, she decided to start expanding her edible design knowledge. She realized all of the people who inspired her in the cake world only had online courses or were hosting workshops in Europe or the States. The need and want to learn something in-person and have that same experience that the others felt were having overseas (and not really in the Middle East), made her want to create a sort of hub and space for others to learn cake decorating.

Her vision for Rise is to grow it into a full experience for others. She wants to share her passion for creating delicious and beautiful high-quality cakes and help people explore their creativity with cake designing by thinking outside the box.

A lot inspires Farah in the baking world. Architecture, furniture designers, tablescapes, natural materials (concrete, stones, marble), textures. She loves studying different elements and finding ways to create that same look and feel. Besides coming up with the perfect recipe, she always tries to make the cakes look more like edible art structures.

Why We Love Rise Bakehouse

The A-Z experience they offer for both customers and students. Their public cake decorating workshops are offered directly from Rise as well as from other bakers around the world. They are a hub for exploring the artistic and intricate side in the baking world. We also love their space, clean lines, state of the art kitchen with sleek marble countertops and dining area. Perfect for a baking birthday!

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