Mermaid Meet and Pirate Assistant

2,850 .00 AED

Hire the beautiful and mystical mermaids for your next party or event! The most realistic swimming in the UAE. The enchanting mermaids will captivate your guests with their stunning tails, sparkling personalities, and mesmerizing water skills. They will swim gracefully through the water, interact with guests, pose for photos, and even tell magical tales of the sea. Bring the magic of the ocean to your event with the unforgettable mermaid experience.
Whether your party is based in a pool or on land the mermaids will make sure everyone has a fantastic time!
Hire a Mermaid today!

Duration: 1 hour
This price is for Dubai, in other Emirates the fee will differ.



  • 1 Mermaid (Can be in the water or on land)
  • 1 Pirate
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Question and answer time
  • Treasure hunt
  • Gems
  • Mermaid swim
  • Splash time and more
  • The pirate will carry the mermaid to and from the location and assist in the party.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Mermaids, the mermaid assistant, their employer, administrators, employees, officials, representative and volunteers, are free from any liability. Inclusive of damages, injury, claims, financial responsibility of fees or demands, which are incurred by, arise from, or in any way relate to the participation of the activities or carrying of the mermaids.
  • The client and parents are responsible for all children and their safety. They are aware that the mermaid(s), Pirate/Assistant(s) or Entertainer(s) are NOT lifeguard trained and are NOT in any way responsible for the safety or wellbeing of anyone at the event.
  • If the children will be in the water with the mermaid(s), a waiver will need to be signed before the event and a lifeguard to be present throughout the duration.
  • All children must be able to swim confidently or have swim aids on throughout the duration and an adult with them in the water at all times.
  • If the mermaids or mermaid assistants feel that there is a health and safety risk at any point during the event, they have the right to discontinue.
  • Photos from the event may be used on social media. Please notify us on booking if you would prefer for the photos and videos to remain private.
  • Parties must start at time indicated at booking. Please be aware if you ask the performer(s) to wait, their end time will remain the same.
  • A single mermaid may entertain up to 10 children in the water or 15 children on land at the standard rates. Over 10 children in the water will require an additional mermaid/assistant.


Required Information upon booking:

  • Date of event
  • Time of event
  • Rough location of event
  • Number of children
  • Is the event on land or in the pool?
  • Will the children be in the pool with the mermaid?

Requirements on event day:

  • Water for performers
  • A suitable private changing room for the mermaids away from children to keep the magic
  • The tails are large and heavy and requires floor space to change, they will also be wet after
  • The team will arrive 45 minutes prior to the event start time to prepare
  • Easy access to the event area from the changing location (no stairs)

Please read the FAQs carefully before placing your order

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