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rise bakehouse

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Homegrown in Dubai, Rise Bakehouse is a specialty bakehouse offering bespoke and unique buttercream cakes and cookies, as well as a one-of-a-kind venue offering private workshops for birthdays, corporate team-building events and other celebrations.

Choose from their extensive tiered-package workshop options that focus on the basics of cakes as well as cake decorating; or customize the workshop according to your preferences (within Rise Bakehouse’s design offerings and guidelines). Each lesson is held in the main kitchen and includes light bites and beverages served in the dining area. They also rent out the space to third party vendors and makes for an exciting and dynamic alternative event space. 

Their menu for custom cakes ranges from traditional vanilla cake to Feuilletine Chocolate Crunch Cake. You can create your own unique cake by following their three step process from their order enquiry catalogue – cake flavour, design finishing and topper. 

We Love: The A-Z experience they offer for both customers and students. Their public cake decorating workshops are offered directly from Rise as well as from other bakers around the world. They are a hub for exploring the artistic and intricate side in the baking world. We also love their space! clean lines, state of the art kitchen with sleek marble countertops and dining area. Perfect for a baking birthday!


Specialty Bakehouse
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Home grown in Dubai


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