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Maison Mocktails
Are you tired of drinking the same old non-alcoholic beverages at parties and events?
Do you crave something more interesting and flavorful than just soda and water and the regular juices?
Look no further than our new vendor Maison Mocktails, The first non-alcoholic mocktail brand in UAE , that specializes in fancy non-alcoholic beverages!

maison mocktails dubai

Story behind Maison Mocktails

Started by Adalet, a mom who was celebrating her twins’ birthday in a community area where alcoholic drinks were not allowed and felt that the regular soft drinks cans or packaged juices were just not festive enough!
Being a certified mixologist with a love for hosting fancy dinners for large groups also felt the need for fancy drinks when hosting for friends & family who don’t drink alcohol.
Seeing a growing market for non-alcoholic beverages, exceptionally as more people choose to live alcohol-free lifestyles. Adalet launched Maison Mocktails in 2022 to provide options that are both delicious and visually appealing.
These non-alcoholic beverages can be crafted to suit various occasions and events.
Whether you’re hosting a baby shower, a corporate event, or a wedding, these drinks can be customized to match the theme and style of the event.
Using premium ingredients they can also be tailored to suit all taste buds, enabling everyone to raise a toast! Making it safe and fun even for the little ones.

Signature Drink

Maison passion martini
Maison Mocktails

Why we love Maison Mocktails

The attention to detail, fancy glassware, edible glitters, and flowers give a nice touch, and also the smoke effect which unveils the festive-looking mocktail table.

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